Vibrant, Colorful, and Unique

Alcohol ink is a very fluid and rich with color medium. Its high viscocity makes it very difficult to control and work with. Each piece is hand made by artist Avi Doran who has been working with alcohol ink for over 5 years.

Large Tile Sets

Triptychs and Tile Sets!

Each 4x12in tile is wonderfully painted and created with colorful detail and... 

Turtle Tiles

This collection features a series of 40 individual Turtles hand stamped and... 

  • Apparel

    Custom sneakers are always the coolest. Check out these one of kind, outrageous, all over printed shoes.

  • Tile Prints

    These framed prints create a beautiful cohesive look for any home, room, or office space. Bring one of kind color into any living space

  • T-Shirts

    Check out these all over print T-shirts.

  • Cups and Cool Stuff

    Everything from colorful mugs, pillows, to backpacks and phone cases.

  • Avi Art

    If you know Avi then you know Avi art. Mostly consisting of One-Offs, these are a wide variety of styles and mediums. everything from Prints to Originals.